Water Came & Cooled Us All

by Coo & Howl

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Recorded by us. Mixed and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East. Art by Christian.


released December 1, 2009

Christian Cundari—Guitars, Electronics
Ben Didsbury—Bass
Matt Dodge—Drums
Matt Savage—Vocals, Odds and ends

Dan Madri—Guitars on track 2
Jenna Savage—Vocals on track 1
Nick Zampiello—Keys on track 3



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Coo & Howl Cambridge, Massachusetts

Coo & Howl is a 5-person band of family members and friends, who have performed together in Boston for the past five years. This close musical partnership has allowed the band to develop a uniquely collaborative writing style. Each song is balanced by a tension between influences and styles—and hints at recognizable genres without falling prey to the conventional trappings of any particular one. ... more

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Track Name: Big Blue Heron (Parts 1-3)
Daughters inside
Oh, little ideas of them now
All that implied happiness
Hiding in the atoms
Of how I have been feeling
Sealed in every pretty passer-by

Happiness moves like starlight
Across millions and millions of years
By the time it gets to me
The source is gone

I got distracted and,
For a minute there,
Froze like a great big, blue heron
And watched you move closer

I was refracted
In that salty inlet water
Distorted, but still whole
Bent, but bent toward you

We could have been a different thing
And held on to keep from getting cold
Or growing guarded

But I am a fixed point around which things revolve
And you are in orbit around another fiery light
Track Name: Halo, Wings & All
I dreamed a girl and left her stranded
Halo, wings and all
All lit up
And tangled in eyelashes

Music sours on the staff
In the days between summers
Head and stem
I warble to blanket the sound
And let off my love like steam

Let it go
Let it go
Let it be gone

Music sticking to the side of the car
??? an open window
Eyes shining aquarium glass
Let only a little light through
Track Name: Sea Dragon-Shaped
You were weightless and sea dragon-shaped
Undetectable as you drifted
Impossible anywhere but here
Where you fit with jigsaw precision
For a fiery spell

A disaster invisible against other disasters
For a fiery spell

Cannot come to shine on
What’s burning in your wires
Or cut the fuse off at the spark
And stop what keeps on coming
From reaching its mark

I’m a flower when my tentacles spread
I open wide for you
Flushed red when we were fused
Mapping the tender places
If only for a fiery spell

I’ve a beak and a terrible bite
That goes deeper than we do
Track Name: The Fish
Rain makes ripples that hide the fish
Umbrellas bend their spider legs
In the wind we’re laughing in
Beer in our bellies
No love, just lightning

Seeing through green aquarium water
All my lives in silver shoals, shining

Some with zigzagging scars
And iridescent scales
Some with slicing sails
Shooting through the fog
Our breath made on the glass

Don’t it make you want to keep me from dividing?
Track Name: Up & Shining
Oh, someone come and eat me up
I’d boil in the belly of
Whatever word means all that love

At the water line
Without our clothes
And the sun coming up
And shining on the waves