by Coo & Howl

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released October 26, 2013

Recorded by us. Mixed and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East. Art by Christian.

Christian Cundari—guitars, electronics
Ben Didsbury—bass
Matt Dodge—drums
Jenna Savage—vocals
Matt Savage—vocals, odds & ends

Ariel Rabinovic—electric guitars on track 6



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Coo & Howl Cambridge, Massachusetts

Coo & Howl is a 5-person band of family members and friends, who have performed together in Boston for the past five years. This close musical partnership has allowed the band to develop a uniquely collaborative writing style. Each song is balanced by a tension between influences and styles—and hints at recognizable genres without falling prey to the conventional trappings of any particular one. ... more

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Track Name: Comes In Twos
two halves, two chambers each
cells afloat all brave the breach

a shaky design
in no time
with zigzagging lines
in no time

fall apart at the fault lines
in no time
these plates have paths that divide
in no time

all things and their opposites
no center for the sides of it
no proof or prime
to be mine

two halves, two chambers each
wires fly wild inside

down the incline
in no time
blue and red-eyed
in no time

guts all rub against the spine
in no time
days leave bite marks behind
in no time

oh, we perfect two
can't keep our ones
from showing through
Track Name: Bloody Ghost
animal-toothed smile
but the eyes invite you in

all night
in the language of old friends

we are each an author
we are both a word

ghosts in all the organs
ghosts that make up a body
ghosts that measure the muscle's ache
Track Name: Calcite Skull
neck's flower
rootless alright
the light will find your bones
crystal-toothed maw
the light will find us
and we'll surrender every fossil
every cog and bolt
coils, wires, screws, clasps
tumbling throatwards
and we'll let off our atoms
one by one, we'll let off our atoms
leave no map, no ghost
just myth to haunt the history
when we cave in and phase out
leaving only our architecture

when we're boiled down to blueprints
a claw, a tooth, a tusk
layers down or locked deep,
our architecture
offered up for excavation
unfused, unearthed and rebuilt

we'll let go our wires
and leave our turtle shells
and fond farewells behind

the love of our granddaughters
just a shape in the shale
a lonely lizard scale
a lone tooth
ancient and mouthless
a meaning for a moment
an ice age for a grave

come away, come wild
love and everything
love and everything

oh no, don't
no, don't go
a skeleton inside
a shell's secret ocean sounds

oh no, don't
no, don't go
a skull in the attic now
Track Name: Sub-Part
surely go
sadly went
bodies fixed in lattices
linked in crisscross patterns
there’s no separation now

stories make shadows, too
light narrow through letter holes
gaps in g’s and gaps in o’s
gaps along the well-lit way

hell and all, hullabaloo
lashing at our unlikely arc
bend in bits or break apart
and reel your pieces in

stories make shadows, too
light behind and dark the shapes
the words project on where we’re aimed,
on where we’re pointed now

each with others
ghostly rattlings
shake all your parts and your sub-parts shake too
shake all your parts and your sub-parts shake too
each with others
shake all your parts and your sub-parts shake too
Track Name: Eye Angles
subjects in love
objects in peril
the angle the eye
catches the light at’s the meaning
i know it’s seeming

and sparks where
lines of sight
skim their targets
and zigzag wildly on

subjects in flux
objects in need of
some signifier
a word or two
to anchor to,
a truth to share,
a something there,
a fleeting fleck