The Hex

by Coo & Howl

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released September 6, 2016

Recorded by us. Mixed and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East. Art by Christian.

Christian Cundari - guitars, electronics, synths
Ben Didsbury - bass, synths, vocals
Jon Glancy - drums
Jenna Savage - keys, vocals
Matt Savage - vocals, perc, synths



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Coo & Howl Cambridge, Massachusetts

Coo & Howl is a 5-person band of family members and friends, who have performed together in Boston for the past five years. This close musical partnership has allowed the band to develop a uniquely collaborative writing style. Each song is balanced by a tension between influences and styles—and hints at recognizable genres without falling prey to the conventional trappings of any particular one. ... more

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Track Name: Yearling
Trouble me so
Anger me certain
A year is gone and here’s the mark
Come to keep me closer

Kill it while you can
Or you’ll cover it over
A year’s the scar that closed the gash
Come to keep me open

Layers, each in parallax
One over the other
Feign the depth and feel it flat
The way our foreground hovers

Come to me more carefully
Over every inch of crater’s edge
And see it deep and wide

Holes where the roots were
Space where the fear was
Bones where the meat was

Bury me now utterly
A patch of uneven soil
No heartbeat to tell

Demon in the gears
Jagged in the socket
A year’s the tooth that drew the blood
Come to keep me reeling

Phantom in the wires
Bubble in the marrow
A year’s the hex that hurt me so
Come to haunt this feeling
Track Name: Light & Lee
The can't and quit of it
The dimly lit of it
A coffin lid on it
A grim and gradual end
An inevitable end
The slowest entropy
Gets us eventually
And then who knows, not me
Descend, disintegrate
Mean just the marks you made
And even those go

In the light
In the lee
It's a shadow underfoot
When it breaks off from me
I'll up and float away

The tooth and quill of it
Plankton and krill of it
When done distilling it
The rudiments rattle
The whole thing shakes
And we reel and recalibrate
Deny all other fates a route
Down which to flow
Track Name: Comet's Course
All those other lives
Each a phantom fate
Distributaries flow
Like arteries go
Always out and away

A comet’s course, a current
Otherwise diverted
Pivoted and parted
Singular ‘til divided

Path forks and wishbones
Our feet in the sea foam
Each way’s a way we may go

Path forks and wishbones
Veins branch and blood knows
Each way’s a way we may go
Track Name: Anemone
Anemone an enemy
To anyone but me,
Immune inherently

No sting but mine
No blood the prick can hide

Come the wave that carries me off
Flotsam flows and never knows the route

Fear’s the foam that flies on top
And we’re the weedy shipwreck tossed and turned
And reefs will grow out of our bones

You come to me
I come to you