Sudden Sun

by Coo & Howl

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Recorded by us. Mixed and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East. Art by Christian.


released October 1, 2011

Christian Cundari—Guitars, Banjo, Synth, Ukulele, Viola Caipira
Ben Didsbury—Bass, Effects
Matt Dodge—Drums
Jenna Savage—Vocals
Matt Savage—Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Perc.

Kelly Davidson—Additional vocals on track 9
Marnie Hall—Violin on tracks 2,9
Dan Madri—Additional guitar on tracks 2, 7, KORG on track 5
Tyler Pollard—Harmonica on tracks 3, 9
Nick Zampiello—Organ on tracks 1, 7



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Coo & Howl Cambridge, Massachusetts

Coo & Howl is a 5-person band of family members and friends, who have performed together in Boston for the past five years. This close musical partnership has allowed the band to develop a uniquely collaborative writing style. Each song is balanced by a tension between influences and styles—and hints at recognizable genres without falling prey to the conventional trappings of any particular one. ... more

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Track Name: Copper Sea
With turtles and with toads
You are shifted
From one statue’s pose to another
And held in place

Patina green spread out on copper
Little flowers grow between your toes
And still, when it’s quiet,
I hear you breathe

Now every cell conspires
To adore you
But nobody’s wires
Reach as far as me,
Not even yours.
Track Name: Starfish Arms
Golden in the right light
Near black in the late hours
Soft when skin is showing
Held back when laughing lifts
Letting off our lizard tails
And starfish arms
Whittled down to wires
And a thumping heart,
We grow back

Pink as the skin under the scab
On your knee, waiting to drop off
Blue as the irises
Burned in my brain
With shining that stays

Keratin and coral reaching
Deep in molten core
We are sweetly sleeping.
Track Name: Scars Are Secret Braille
And the skin grows over it
But the mark won’t match
Or hide the blood from the sun
No guts will stay calm or content
Being buried in me
Make the cut, fly at once
From my body to thee
It’s a hell of a thing
To worship or grieve
What with all of the doubt in its seeds
I’ve been down
I’ve been down
I’ve been down,
Do believe.
Track Name: Lizard Tails
wom wom wom
Track Name: Out Of Sleep
Grooves of a vaccination scar
Wind along the spires
Of fires that fly
From a sun she set in ink

Moon’s a burning bathroom light
That flooded through a barely opened door
And blew the night off of our wishing to be saved

Light up all these days for me
Pull my shadow off
Pull me down
Arms curling like ivy all around

All tied and tangled,
Snake and eel
All flushed with blood

Ghosts come flicker around the bed
Sleep in their claws and on their fangs

A doubt as deep as atoms
A pulse when things are quiet
Beating now
To keep all of the saddest songs in time.
Track Name: Up & Shining
Oh, someone come
And eat me up
I'd boil in the belly of
Whatever word
Means all that love

At the water line
Without our clothes
And the sun coming up
And shining on the waves.
Track Name: Salted
Salted after all
Red and dry
Set to split
Shook the tree for fruit
But we all fell from that height

Shimmy off the bone
Blood leaves he branches, besides
Track Name: Odd Notions
Salt and ruin
All on down the line
The frame fits you in it

Here’s a coffin for the notion
Any part of you will feel the pang

The ground can’t grow our thorny pit
No life in it
In all that earth, inanimate!
A period to punctuate
The last few lines,
All ending way too late

Black from the root up
Flowers and all
And here’s a coffin for the notion
We could return to anything but soil

Oh, we’ll be food for other loves.
Track Name: The Grand Beach
The light you left won’t leave you
But the rate of the flicker slows
And all the brand-new black
Seems sideless then.

The sudden sun will get you
And steal the lines she shows
But every edge returns
Follow none but the route of hers
All the way around.